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Where to get Villbrygg


Pickup at Økern Torv.
Home delivery.



Andre til Høyre
Amazing cocktailbar.
In your fancy grandmother’s apartment.
Youngs gate 19, 0181 Oslo

Bon Lio
Restaurant, Spanish inspired.
Works closely with local farmers.
Sofienberggata 17, 0558 Oslo

Dansens Hus
Norway's national dance scene.
Vulkan 1, 0182 Oslo

Independent multi-brand store & café/bar.
Nordre gate 20, 0551 Oslo

M/S Bjørvika serves natural wines, cocktails often with DJs playing music.
The boat is situated behind the Opera, behind Sukkerbiten.

Eff Eff.
Wine and oyster bar.
Fredensborgveien 22A, 0177 Oslo

Restaurant Einer.
New Nordic restaurant, organic/biodynamic focus.
Natural wines, fermented foods and mature flavours.
Prinsens gate 18, 0152 Oslo

Eclectic, historical and dreamy atmosphere, natural wines,
organic small dishes and often DJs playing live.
Prinsens gate 18, 0152 Oslo

Ekte vare
Grocery store, sustainable produce.
Organic, bulk food and zero waste.
Dannevigsveien 18C, 0463 Oslo

Natural wine & coffee bar in the very center of Oslo.
Dronningens gate 27, 0154 Oslo

Restaurant Fangst
Nordic food meets Japanese techniques.
Eilert Sundts gate 39, 0259 Oslo

Coffee & cocktails with nice vintage furniture.
Focus on local and japanese flavours.
Universitetsgata 2, 0164 Oslo

Fuglen Coffee Roasters
Café and coffee roastery in the old town of Oslo.
St. Halvards gate 33, 0192 Oslo

Gutta på Haugen.
Gourmet grocery store.
Ullevålsveien 45, 0171 Oslo

Best ramen in Oslo.
Craft ramen from the North.
Maridalsveien 9A, 0178 Oslo

Café / bar - Beer, snacks & meat.
Youngs gate 19, 0181 Oslo

Ille Brød
Sour dough bakery - focus on old grains.
Lakkegata 53, 0187 Oslo

Kampen Bistro
Cozy neighborhood bistro,
sourcing all ingredients as local as possible,
Bøgata 21, 0655 Oslo

Kampen Kaffe & Bar
Coffee, lunch & bar.
Bøgata 10A, 0655 Oslo

Kolibri Kolonial Damplassen
Focus on organic and local produce and interesting flavours,
quality everyday necessities like bread and coffee.
Damplassen 2, 0852 Oslo

Restaurant, one star michelin.
Local, organic / biodynamic & seasonal.
Maridalsveien 15a, 0175 Oslo

Lofoten Fiskerestaurant
Classic seafood.
Stranden 75, 0250 Oslo

Restaurant, 3 star michelin.
Local, organic / biodynamic & seasonal.
Schweigaards gate 15B, 0191 Oslo

Café / Club.
Community is for nordic entrepreneurs.
Tordenskiolds gate 3, 0160 Oslo

Mohn Oslo
Informal restaurant and bar situated vis-à-vis Trettenparken at Filipstad Brygge,
focus on local produce.
Filipstadveien 5, 0254 Oslo

Mølleren Sylvia
Organic food store
Hegdehaugsveien 12, 0167 Oslo

Nektar vinbar
Wine from selected small and sustainable producers and tasty comfort food.
Fredensborgveien 42, 0177 Oslo

Northern Playground.
Wool underwear.
Organic and local production focus.
Youngstorget 2B, 0181 Oslo

Oslo Raw - Frogner
Plant based foods and raw treats.
Skovveien 16, 0257 Oslo

Natural wine, sake, beer and vegan food.
Kirkegata 20, 0152 Oslo

Mezcaleria and cocktailbar.
Focus on organic and sustainable produce.
Helgesensgate 66, 0558 Oslo

Røtter - St. Hanshaugen
Natural food store.
Ullevålsveien 39, 0171 Oslo

Røtter - Grünerløkka
Natural food store.
Thorvald Meyers gate 46, 0552 Oslo

Røtter - Frogner
Natural food store.
Colbjørnsens gate 12, 0256 Oslo

Røtter - Nesodden.
Natural food store.
Vestveien 51, 1450 Nesoddtangen

Skaal Matbar.
Snacks / small dishes, natural wine, natural cider, beer..
Olaf Ryes Plass 12, 0552 Oslo

Skur 33.
Trattoria Di Mare - focus on Italian style seafood.
Akershusstranda 11, 0150 Oslo

Multi-level shop space and concept gallery.
Modern culture with emphasis on Scandinavia and long-living products.
Sorgenfrigaten 16, 0365 Oslo

Supreme Roastworks
Supreme coffee at Grünerløkka.
Thorvald Meyers gate 18A, 0555 Oslo

The Private Place.
Private Pilates Studio in Oslo,
offering both group classes and private instruction.
Drammensveien 83, 0271 Oslo

Tøyen Startup Village
Coffee, co-working, gallery,
event space & community hub.
Hagegata 22, 0653 Oslo

Food court situated on the edge of the Oslo fjord. Sustainable focus.
Akershusstranda 25, 0150 Oslo


Villbrygg AS
Christian Krohgs gate 2
0186 Oslo


︎ CART.


Box: 12 bottles or
Box: 24 Bottles

Skog_02. Fresh and herby flavours of the forest is captured in an alcohol free Sparkling Tisane (herbal tea). With this drink you will not be feeling that you are compromising. And hey - you are also supporting a more permanent culture in farming and production:) Thanks!


Special offer: Free delivery! 

Please send delivery info to:


Enjoy this bag in green organic cotton with orange embroidery. Only 20 pieces made in total. This high quality tote bag will accompany you everywhere! Prices include shipping in Norway. Shipping in Europe on request.



Receive our guide to wild plants including exclusive wild recipes by Cornelia & Vanessa. A download link will be sent to your email. Get the most out of next foraging season!

Stay Wild!


Join Cornelia & Vanessa for a walk in the forest around Oslo, and learn about the local, wild edible plants. The tour will last around 2 hours and be held in small groups of 10 people. During the tour, the ladies will share knowledge on how to use the wild plants in drinks and food! The experience can be redeemed from April 2020 until August 2020. We will get in touch with you to schedule a suitable time and date! Look forward to immerse yourself in nature and learn ancient knowledge about plants. Don't wanna go alone? Why not buy an extra space for a friend and share this experience with each other!


Tropical Glimpses

Limited edition 20 prints.
Signed & numbered.

Winter Night

Limited edition 20 prints.
Signed & numbered.

Radiant Evening

Limited edition 20 prints.
Signed & numbered.


Be inspired through art.
This is your chance to surround yourself with a special printed art work, made and signed by Cornelia Øiestad.
Frame it or put it up, as is - your wall is gonna look funky for sure.

Prices include shipping in Norway.
Shipping in Europe on request.


#1: Learn to brew Kombucha

Exclusive 2 hour kombucha workshop with Lise Aanes! In her class you will get to know everything there is to now about Kombucha: the drink’s history, components, how it works, as well as briefly about gut health and how kombucha and other probiotic drinks can help our health. You will see how you can brew kombucha at home from scratch, taste different kombucha drinks and get recipes to use at home!! How awesome!

Lise is educated at The School of Natural Medicine UK and has run her own catering firm, where she brewed kombucha under her own brand Alien Seas Nutrition. She is now running the wonderful natural wine bar Esaias in Oslo. She loves everything that has to do with living bacteria and yeast cultures and have held kombucha making classes in Oslo, London and Chicago! 


15 spots in total.


#2 : Mindfulness Restorative

Mindfulness restorative with Henrikke Havaas! 

In this mindfulness restorative class with ambient flow music, you will learn and use restorative yoga, breathing exercises and other mindfulness techniques. Great to use as recovery for health challenges such as injuries, burnout, anxiety, stress and depression. The class will finish with awakening your senses through slow ambient music and aromatherapy.

Henrike Havaas is educated yoga therapist and creates space within the ones who wants to relax the body and mind.

Duration: 2,5 hours.
Limited to 4 spots only.


#3 : Herbal Tea Workshop

Learn how to make herbal tea with Bjørn and Katrina from Herbanists. In this 1 hour workshop, you will learn about plants while we put together a blend of herbs. You will get to bring home a herbal blend created by you together with a written course summary.

Bjørn and Katrina are the founders of the agricultural cooperative Herbanists. They grow herbs at the urban farm Losæter and dry them locally at their space Greenhouse in Oslo. These guys do an amzing job with making our cities greener and you can ask them anything you like about plants! Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Duration: 1 hour.


#4 : Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy, also knowns as Shinrin-Yoku, er en seremoniell vandring i skogens atmosfære. Vi beveger oss rolig i skogen, åpner opp sansene, får kontakt med pusten og lar naturens medisin virke. Opplev velbehaget i stillheten og fellesskapet. Gjennom enkle invitasjoner senkes tempoet, og vi opplever en dypere kontakt med vår egen essens og hverandre. Turen avsluttes med te-seremoni.

Caroline Hargreaves veileder mennesker dypere inn i sin indre og ytre natur og brenner for å gjenopplive naturens medisin og magi. Hun er utdannet skogterapeut med Association for Forest and Nature Therapy (ANFT) og driver meditasjonssenteret Vandre. Hun er også statsviter med bakgrunn som diplomat og medforfatter av boken ‘Growing A New Economy’.


One-to-one experience
Duration: 3 hours



If you support our mission and you are feeling a little generous, we appreciate your donation.