Villbrygg provides you with the opportunity to taste Nordic nature in a bottle. It’s an excellent alcohol free alternative to wine and beer, with complex flavours that you usually only associate with alcoholic beverages. Why does alcohol free always have to be so boring?

Stay Focused. Stay Wild.

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_ Launched 15.11.19

The aromatic flavours of the forest are captured in an alcohol free Tisane with subtle bubbles.
A carefully selected blend of local herbs are infused in water at different times and temperatures to accentuate the flavours and attain the desired taste.

This drink contains six different local herbs, two of which are Wild!
A little apple cider vinegar and honey is added to the drink for the right balance.

The result is a fresh, herbal drink that is perfect to enjoy on its own or together with food.
With this drink you won’t feel that you are compromising the next time you want something alcohol free.

Product Portfolio:

Making use of what is locally available, requires us to work with the seasons and constantly innovate.
Explore our previous brews below.

Photo: Dag Dalvang      


_ Launched 23.05.19

Galactic Strawberry - a drink as exotic as another galaxy (we think). We have fermented strawberries from Mjåland farm, Norwegian honey and lemon balm from Aukrust. This is the beginning of what we call Nordic Tropics - a galactic journey of flavours!

Nordic Lemonade - A summery brew.
Fermented and soured with lactobacillus and yeast.

Photo: Dag Dalvang      

SKOG_01 + HAGEN_01

_ 18 / 19 season

SKOG_01 : Winter 2018/2019
Spruce and yarrow fermented with water kefir culture.

HAGEN_01 : Summer 2018
Blackcurrant leaf fermented with water kefir culture.

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