Can Nordic produce taste exciting and exotic?
One of the questions we had when we started to explore local flavours.

Launched 23.05.19

Galactic Strawberry - a drink as exotic as another galaxy (we think). We have fermented strawberries from Mjåland farm, Norwegian honey and lemon balm from Aukrust. This is the beginning of what we call Nordic Tropics - a galactic journey of flavours!

Nordic Lemonade - A summery brew.
Fermented and soured with lactobacillus and yeast.

SKOG_01 + HAGEN_01
18/19 season (sold out)

SKOG_01 : Winter 2018/2019
Spruce and yarrow fermented with water kefir culture.

HAGEN_01 : Summer 2018
Blackcurrant leaf fermented with water kefir culture.

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