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Shorter distances means less transportation and thereby less pollution. Choosing local supports a circular economy and your money travels in a more sustainable cycle, staying in your ecosystem. Supporting local increases the surrounding area’s chance to survive competition from cheap and unsustainable produce. Your environment becomes greener and people are getting more connected by trading with each other. For us, local means working directly with farmers and urban gardeners. It also means educating people to understand and respect how the nature works. We also use wild plants from pure nature to highlight all the tropical flavours we have got right here.


To make something sustainable is finding a culture that adapts and that has good permanent values. Another word; permaculture. This is how we envision the future. People living in harmony with plants and animals. Taking care of Mother Earth, eliminating pesticides and toxic materials. Everything in this world sooner or later blends, that is how the cycle of nature is designed. This means that once they are introduced, toxins end up in places you could never have imagined. It makes no sense to poison the food we eat and destroy the soil that coming generations are dependent on. Without healthy soil, it cannot be healthy plants, and without healthy plants, no healthy animals (yes, we are also animals). It’s fairly simple really. Healthy for you, healthy for the planet.


An ecosystem will not work or get around without enough living organisms. The bacterias need something to eat, the bugs need something to eat, the birds need something to eat. The large chains of everything living is interdependent. The systems are extremely complex. How can we keep the diversity in a world where human beings are taking over? You still have a choice through what you support. For us it’s easy – we prioritise Mother Earth.


Our beautiful little helpers, what would we have done without them? Would we even have existed? There would be no food on the table without them! That’s why we support farmers who make space for the little ones. We love the taste of honey, and the bees who are making the world sweet and nutritious. A garden filled with weeds and wild (or planted) flowers, is something that we need. Let’s make sure there is food for everyone <3

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